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Ethnobotany of Cold Desert Tribes of Lahoul-Spiti (North West Himalaya)

Delhi, Deep

Titre : Ethnobotany of Cold Desert Tribes of Lahoul-Spiti (North West Himalaya)

Auteur (s) : S.K. Sood, Ram Nath and D.C. Kalia
Publisher : Delhi, Deep
Date de parution : 2001
Pages : 228

The tribal people are the repository of accumulated experience and knowledge on indigenous flora and fauna. Unfortunately, this traditional wisdom, developed over years of observation, trial and error, is vanishing rapidly due to the assault of modern civilization into tribal areas. It is, therefore, extremely desirable to document the traditional knowledge before it is lost for ever.
The present book ’ Ethnobotany of Cold Desert Tribes of Lahoul Spiti ( N.W. Himalaya), has been written with a view to giving a glimpse of the rich treasure possessed by this great region in its ethnic diversity. Unlike a large majority of ethnobotanical researchers who confine themselves either to ethnomedicine or to one or more socio-economic aspects in their works, the present manual deals with almost all aspects of ethnobotany.

Besides information on the land and the people and ethnobotanical uses of 128 plants, indices to uses, families and local names as well as a glossary of words used by tribal people of Lahoul and Spiti are also appended. The data presented are based on actual ethnobotanical surveys conducted by the authors for a period spread over more than three years (1993-96) to collect a first hand account of ethnobotanically interesting species at flowering or fruiting stage. The description is supported by 3 figures and 218 photographs. As far as possible, technical terms have been avoided in plant descriptions to make reading interesting for the lay reader

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