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Rebuilding urban communities in Afghanistan


Titre : Rebuilding urban communities in Afghanistan

Pays /Région : Afghanistan

Durée : August 2005 - April 2007

Beginning in April 2004, the Government of Afghanistan designated urban development as a national priority. Subsequently, the country’s national urban development program was established. The program sought to create a network of urban centers as hubs of growth and arenas for culture and social inclusion in cities such as Kandahar, Mazar-el-Sharif and Jalalabad. In each of these cities, lack of basic infrastructure and services such as electricity, sanitation, education and healthcare presented significant threats to the human security of the residents and the cities at large

The project focused on improving land management, infrastructure, housing, governance and service delivery. These were achieved through a multisectoral approach that included the establishment of community institutions where people could proactively take part in addressing their challenges and developing the responses they needed in order to improve their human security

Activities carried out by the project benefited approximately 12,732 households, or more than 100,000 individuals, in the three cities of Kandahar, Mezar-el-Sharif and Jalalabad. Through upgraded neighbourhood infrastructures as well as waste and sanitation services, the participating urban communities benefited from improved living conditions, greater employment opportunities and, where informal settlements exited, the opportunity to highlight t

Agences : UN-HABITAT

Budget : $3,660,415

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