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Gedo Drought Response Project (Somalia)


Titre : Gedo Drought Response Project (Somalia)

Pays /Région : Somalie

Code projet : CHF-DMA-0489-044ER

Durée : 08-02-2011 — 17-04-2011

There are clear indications that the humanitarian situation in Gedo region is worsening as a result of below average precipitation caused by La Nina meteorological phenomenon. The failure of the Deyr rains is demonstrated by failed crops and severe crop and pasture shortages in most key pastoral zones in the region causing deterioration of livestock body condition. Due to critical climatic conditions, abnormal migration of livestock, mainly small ruminants, is going on and livestock body conditions is have started to weaken especially for cattle and lactating animals. Besides, the food security conditions in the entire region have also started to deteriorate with a significant negative impact on crop, livestock body conditions and overall market performance.

The situation presently demands for urgent intervention to mitigate the impact of the drought in order to protect the assets of the vulnerable pastoral and agro-pastoral communities in the region. The proposed intervention which targets Bardera, Lukh, Burdhuubo, Bullahawa, Garbaharey and Elwak intends : * To increase the availability of water to 1570 (9420 persons) vulnerable agro-pastoral and pastoral families and livestock through water trucking and distribution of water through voucher system. * To increase the availability of water in areas with pasture in order to save breeding livestock, especially cattle and shoats, from the drought. The project will support 15,700 cattle and 62,700 shoats by providing 25,434 barrels of water (1,206,900) in areas with pasture. This will reduce distances livestock trek for water and pasture. * To improve the production and availability of fodder through increased fodder irrigation by river farmers along the JUBA and DAWA rivers in Gedo region. The project will supply 2100kg of Sorghum valgare var or Sudanese seeds to 700 farmers to ensure that every farmer cultivates 1ha of land surface with Sudan Grass. * Enhance preparedness through the de-silting of 10 communal water catchments in pastoral and agro-pastoral areas in the region. This is aimed at providing 26 days of job opportunities to 1596 households and hence facilitate access to water, food and other needs.

Porteur du projet : SADO (Social Life and Agricultural Development Organisation)

Financement : Nations Unies

Contribution : 349,960.00

United Nations Development Group

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