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Badhaadhe Life-Saving Emergency Water Provision (Somalia)


Titre : Badhaadhe Life-Saving Emergency Water Provision (Somalia)

Pays /Région : Somalie

Code projet : CHF-DMA-0489-120ER

Durée : 04-05-2011 // 30-06-2011

The pastoral communities in Badade are still bearing the brunt of the protracted drought. A key challenge facing them is acute shortage of water. Water pans are the primary sources of water for majority of the households in Badade district. However, the little water collected during the last Deyr season was exhausted within a month after the rains, forcing residents to move to the borehole site as IDPs. At the borehole site, the situation was worsened by influx of pastoralists who came from Bay, Bakol and Gedo and pitched tent because of relatively better pasture and the borehole water. While the people crumbled under the impact of the drought, the casing of the only functioning borehole, serving more than 30,000 collapsed on 27 March 2011. The project aims to provide gender-sensitive life saving water and appropriate sanitation and hygiene. The two outcomes are (i) 10800 drought affected people in Badade district of whom 70% are women and girls, access 5 liters of safe water per person/day for two months and (ii) appropriate knowledge, attitude and practices on hygiene and childcare promoted.

Porteur du projet : AFREC (African Rescue Committee)

Financement : Nations Unies

Contribution : 197,194.56$

United Nations Development Group

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