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Fighting drought in Somalia


Titre : Fighting drought in Somalia

Pays /Région : Somalie

Code projet : CHF-DMA-0489-107

Durée : 28-04-2011 // 25-10-2011

In Mudug drought is the most important natural hazard in terms of impact on lives and livelihoods. Droughts cause a decline in food production, change migratory patterns, exacerbate resource based conflicts, and result in large losses of livestock assets and food insecurity among vulnerable households. The finding of a participatory assessments confirmed that the combination of the failed Deyr rains and poor rangelands management heavily affected the livestock conditions causing a dramatic reduction of the herds size now reported being below baseline (FSNAU). Significant increase of food (cereal price increased by 12-17% last month, FSNAU) and water prices is observed by VSF-G staff operating in the area and it is confirmed by the CPI being 170% higher than the reference period (FSNAU).The price of water has increased in average by 80% in Mudug and is heavily affected by the increased transport costs due to the international increase of oil price. This intervention intends to increase access to food for vulnerable households by protecting their livestock assets through the provision of treatments, by transferring livestock assets and by injecting cash at household level through the rehabilitation of community assets such as water pans, feeder roads, schools and community health centers and others.
VSF-G strategy for Somalia aims to improve the food security status of the Somali population through improvement of livestock production, trade, assets protection and disease control. VSF-G follow a livelihoods approach in which attention is given to pastoralist communities, their destitute and their linkages with other groups.

Porteur du projet : VSF Germany (Veterinaires Sans Frontieres)

Financement : Nations Unies

Contribution : 160,000$

United Nations Development Group

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