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North emergency livelihood intervention in Sanaag (Somalia)


Titre : North emergency livelihood intervention in Sanaag (Somalia)

Pays /Région :

Code projet : CHF-DMA-0489-128

Durée : 23-06-2011 // 31-12-2011

The failure of the Deyr rains has affected the livelihoods of the Somalis heavily reliant on livestock production. Herders are culling the kids and calves to save the mother, and milk production has significantly reduced or stopped in some cases. Body conditions of camel and goats continue to deteriorate rapidly with the persistence of the drought. The failure of the short rain season in 2010 dwindled water sources in most areas, leading to crop failure and subsequent increase in prices of water and basic food and a deepening food security crisis in the northeastern livelihoods especially Sool Plateau.
In line with all the 3 strategic objectives of the CHAP 2011 ; this project will enhance and protect livelihoods of 900 targeted poor pastoral households affected by the droughts, and own collectively 36, 000 heads of sheep and goats (maximum of 40 shoats per beneficiary). The project aims to improve access to human and animal basic needs of food and water in Sanaag region Somalia.

Porteur du projet : Adeso (African Development Solutions)

Financement : Nations Unies

Contribution : 546,851.69$

United Nations Development Group

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