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Emergency and Sustainable WASH Project for Mudug and Galgaduud Regions (Somalia)


Titre : Emergency and Sustainable WASH Project for Mudug and Galgaduud Regions (Somalia)

Pays /Région :

Code projet : CHF-DMA-0489-098

Durée : 29-06-2011 // 31-07-2012

"The central region of Somalia is facing a severe water shortage following failure of the short rains (Deyr). In Galgadud (Abudwak, Adado, and Dusamareb districts), access to water is abysmal and water consumption also does not meet the Sphere minimum standard of 15 litres per person per day (RI’s assessment revealed only between 3 and 5 litres of water are used per person per day). No more than 30 percent of the population has access to latrines, and the number of persons accessing each latrine far exceeds the Sphere emergency standard of 50 persons per latrine.
In the two proposed project locations (Mudug and Galgadud regions), water in berkads, communal dams, and water catchments are completely depleted. Communities displaced by drought and conflict have settled in isolated areas far from permanent water points, and they cannot afford the high cost of trucked water by private firms. In the communities RI assessed, it was found that when using communal water and sanitation facilities, women and adolescent girls can be vulnerable to sexual violence or exploitation as the distances to water points are far and exposed, and women and girls are often attacked or approached in the process. Cholera outbreaks have occurred in all settlements surveyed. On average, up to four 20-liter jerry cans are taken per visit to any water point, and are usually carried by women or children.
RI is proposing this WASH project in Galkayo district of Mudug region, and Abudwak and Adado districts of Galgadud region. RI intends to scale up its existing WASH intervention to fill gaps in North and South Galkayo and to expand services in Galgadud region.

Porteur du projet : RI (Relief International UK)

Financement : Nations Unies

Contribution : 325,518.00 $

United Nations Development Group

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