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University of Cordoba, Spain May 8th - 10th, 2018

RSHS’18, Remote Sensing & Hydrology Symposium

Symposium ICRS-IAHS

RSHS’18, Remote Sensing & Hydrology Symposium, ICRS-IAHS

Earth Observation for Integrated Water and Basin Management : New possibilities and challenges for adaptation to a changing environment

Lieu et date : Andalusian Institute for Earth System Research (IISTA), University of Cordoba, Spain May 8th - 10th, 2018

Organisation  : The Symposium is organized by the International Commission on Remote Sensing of the IAHS and the Andalusian Institute for Earth System Research (IISTA) at the University of Cordoba with support from the Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute at the University of Nebraska

It is focused on the use of the new generation of remote sensors and applications to hydrology, water resources, agricultural water management and river basin management, and the challenges and opportunities of blending remote sensing images and data sources with multi-scale modelling and ground-based data.
Integrated river basin management involves a sound knowledge of water and land interactions, and impacts from and feedbacks to human activity. Remote sensing has been an efficient and increasingly promising means of gathering direct information of the Earth surface, as well as information on water and energy fluxes. The recent generation of space and aircraft based high-resolution sensors offer a huge potential for monitoring, assessing, and modelling our changing environment in a context of uncertainty about how future climate conditions will affect the current water resource and basin management framework. Moreover, large amounts of data are now available posing a challenging opportunity to the scientific community for both exploring and transforming these data into readily usable information products for different end-users in our societies.
The scientific decade 2013–2022 of IAHS, entitled “Panta Rhei – Everything Flows”, is dedicated to research activities on change in hydrology and society. Undoubtedly, remote sensing from different sources provides us with the information needed to monitor the changes in the environment at different spatial and temporal scales. Renewed efforts are needed to merge different data sources for generating medium to long-term series that benefit from both earlier satellite missions and the recent availability of high quality data provided by the new satellites and airborne technologies

Under the light of these objectives for RSHS’18, the ICRS committee welcomes innovative and integrated remote sensing research and applications within the four thematic areas of the Symposium that include but are not limited to the following topics :
* Theme A, GIS and Remote Sensing includes Data mining and assimilation, GIS and Remote sensing technologies and products, Hydroinformatics, Software and tools.
* Theme B, Hydrology includes Hydrological modelling, Flood management, Global hydrologic cycle, Urban hydrology, Eco-hydrology, Precipitation retrievals, Evapotranspiration and Energy Balance processes, water balance and accounting, agricultural water and irrigation management
* Theme C, Water Resources includes Remote Sensing and Spatial applications to Water resources modeling, Integrated water resources management and planning, Reservoir management, Water resources management system, Dam development, Water transfer.
* Theme D, Environment includes Water quality modeling, Pollutant fate and transport in reservoirs, rivers and lakes, Groundwater quantity and quality modelling, River and dam restoration, Ecosystem diversity and integrity.

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