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Emergency nutrition support in Buaale District Middle Juba Region (Somalia)


Titre : Emergency nutrition support in Buaale District Middle Juba Region (Somalia)

Pays /Région : Somalie

Code projet : CHF-DMA-0489-135

Durée : 13-06-2011 // 13-06-2012

Sanaag region is a drought prone pastoral livelihood zone, which has experienced several years of prolonged droughts mainly due to consecutive failed rainy seasons. A post Deyr 2010/11 assessment done by the Food Security and Nutritional Analysis unit (FSNAU) indicates that Sanaag is facing a severe water shortage following the failure of the short rains. An assessment done in Sanaag in Dec/Jan 2011 by CARE with other stakeholders indicates that pastoralists have lost about 41% of their goats, 66% sheep and 32% of their cattle as a result of the drought. Given pastoralist reliance on livestock for food (meat and milk), it follows that most of the HHs will have no access to milk and meat, worsening their nutritional status. This is compounded by a significant increase in the prices of staple foods. Most respondent indicated that they are unable to repay debts, depriving them of a key coping mechanism during drought.
CARE proposes to use cash relief and cash for work to address the current emergency situation. This will enable beneficiaries to increase their purchasing power to access water, food and repay debts incurred, restoring coping mechanisms.

Porteur du projet : SORDES (Somali Relief and Development Society)

Financement : Nations Unies

Contribution : 216,512$

United Nations Development Group

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