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Emergency Nutrition Response in Afgoi Corridor IDPs (Somalia)


Titre : Emergency Nutrition Response in Afgoi Corridor IDPs (Somalia)

Pays /Région : Somalie

Code projet : CHF-DMA-0489-083ER

Durée : 15-04-2011 // 18-10-2011

The civil insecurity and the conflict in Mogadishu has resulted in large numbers of IDPs fleeing and settling in Afgoye.The IDPs settled in Afgoye has problems of accessing health and Nutrition services among other problems. An already difficult and serious problem affecting the population has been aggravated by the ongoing drought and harsh restriction imposed by the local authorities which saw many of the actors in Afgoye pulling out. FSNAU Nutrition post Deyr 2010/11 analysis has revealed a sustained critical phase for the IDPs in Afgoye which also indicating GAM rates ranging between 15 to 19.4% and SAM rates ranging between 2.0 to 5.5 %). In addition outbreaks of infectious diseases such as cholera, and diarrhea have resulted in the deterioration of the precarious malnutrition levels.
The failure of deyr rainfall of 2009 / 2010 season in many areas in the region has resulted in poor harvest, loss of animals, low milk production, increased debt burden due to low prices for animals and increased water purchasing costs.

This project aims to tackle some of the problems mentioned above in order to contribute towards the overall aim of improving access to nutrition services particularly for vulnerable populations such as IDPs and female headed house hold to the increasing numbers of people displaced by the conflict and the devastating impact of drought. With funding support from HRF/UNOCHA,SOYDA has been providing basic health services to the IDP population in Afgoye. The project involved the provision of consultation and basic treatment and prevention services. This project plans to integrate the proposed nutrition action to the existing and ongoing health projects.

Porteur du projet : SOYDA (Somali Young Doctors Association)

Financement : Nations Unies

Contribution : 155,000$

United Nations Development Group

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