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Reviving of Balanbale MCH with medicines, medical tools and nutritional supplies (Somalia)


Titre : Reviving of Balanbale MCH with medicines, medical tools and nutritional supplies (Somalia)

Pays /Région : Somalie

Code projet : CHF-DMA-0489-143

Durée : 04-05-2011 // 16-11-2011

Balanbale district has more than twenty locations besides this there are also three IDP camps in the town which host people who fled from Mogadishu, Balatweyne, Dhusamareb and other parts of Galgadud region where conflict is relatively high. These IDPs prefered the relative stability in Balanbale town which is controlled by the Ahlusunna Waljama. High level of malnutrition, food and water shortages as a result of the rains failure and the ongoing La nina drought has exacerbated the critical and the ailing health services in the area. A total population of 39,370 women, men and children under five years in Balanbale and its immediate villages which are supposed to be served by the Balanbale MCH do not get proper health care due to insufficient provision of medicines and nutrition supply. there also exists lack of necessary medical tools and inadequacy in the number of trained staffs hence the MCH only provides a meager services for the large number of mothers and children and other patients seeking medical help in the district.
Balanble MCH was established in 2005. Since then, HOPEL, Diaspora and local community have been supporting it. The MCH used to be in a rental house but has now been given a room by the Administration of Balanbale Hospital. It has no enough Medical supplies, tools and equipment in order to meet its role of providing quality health services, The MCH receives irregular medical supplies from UNICEF in the last 3 years, the latest medical supplies received by the MCH was in December 2010, and this was mainly immunization and MCH health kits. Although without a valid PCA now but HOPEL and UNICEF had advance discussions and are currently working towards having a PCA aimed at regular support for the MCH, and that is the reason we are requesting for one month medical supply cash assistance to keep the MCH going while we wait for HOPEL to finalise agreement with UNICEF. Therefore UNICEF will cover subsequent medical supplies.
The MCH will serve a target population of 11418 composed of 7874 U5 children - 4,000 girls and 3,874 boys - (20% of the total population of 39,370), and 3544 of Pregnant and Lactating mothers (9% of the total population of 39,370), the Balanbale local authority estimated that 19% of the total population in Balanbale are IDPs living in Four Camps in Balanbale town.

Porteur du projet : HOPEL (Horn of Africa Organization for Protection of Environment and improvement of Livelihoods)

Financement : Nations Unies

Contribution : 57,737$

United Nations Development Group

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