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Population estimates survey ; enumeration in IDP settlements in Somalia to establish demographic and socio-economic characteristics (Somalia)


Titre : Population estimates survey ; enumeration in IDP settlements in Somalia to establish demographic and socio-economic characteristics (Somalia)

Pays /Région : Somalie

Code projet : CHF-DMA-0489-363

Durée : 28-11-2012 // 28-11-2013

Somalia had a long lasting absence of reliable data system that supports humanitarian, recovery or development actions since the collapse of central government in 1991. Several individual attempts were made by some humanitarian and development partners to arrive at reliable figures on population size and distribution, but none of them materialized. It has not been possible to plan and monitor humanitarian response in IDPs settlement. It would be ideal to conduct a comprehensive population census for Somalia. However, basic requirements for conducting an internationally credible and comparable census cannot be met at the current stage because of concerns regarding national capacity and more importantly still, regarding security and stability in major parts of the Central and Southern parts of Somalia. A population survey along with mapping and estimation procedures would be the most practical option at this stage. The estimation exercise is intended to cover all population within the geographic boundaries of Somalia who are internally displaced to be covered where they exist whether in IDP clearly defined settlements or camps or among the resident population. The exercise of estimation will adopt a scientific, evidence based, transparent and progressive approach utilizing and validating available reliable data from various sources and collecting primary data from a large sample of the population through household interviews. The process will be based on a joint partnership between UN agencies and national authorities. The primary objective of the whole exercise is to generate accurate and reliable population estimates of IDPs. The total number of nomads and IDPs will also be available at the level of region.

This survey is for availing data and information on IDPs. The number of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) inside Somalia consist of (i) those living in households among the sedentary population and (ii) those who live in IDP camps, more commonly called IDP settlements. _ The number of IDPs who live in households among the sedentary population will be estimated through the regular survey in urban and rural areas. They will be identified by the response to questions about past migration and reasons for migration and their numbers estimated using the normal statistical estimation procedures. _ Displaced persons living in IDP settlements or camps do not need to be estimated. UNHCR is the prime source of information on the number and movement of IDPs and they have a system that continuously assesses number and flows of IDPs inside the country. UNHCR’s IDP settlement for Somalia list is not a perfect, but by all standards the best available ‘living spreadsheet’ on the number of IDPs in the country. The records are frequently updated from information supplied by the UNHCR’s network in the field. As the location of the IDP settlements are known, the number of IDPs can be allocated to the pre-1991 war districts. The number of IDPs in UNHCR’s data base at the reference date for the PES survey date will be added to the estimated urban, rural and nomadic populations to constitute the total population of Somalia. _ UNHCR does not have sufficiently reliable data on the distribution of the IDP population by district, and by demographic and socioeconomic characteristics. Therefore This survey will be conducted in a selection of IDP settlements in order to get an estimate of the age/sex and socio-economic composition of the population in IDP camps at the regional level. The method of sample selection in IDP settlements will be revised and updated in close collaboration with UNHCR at the Nairobi and zonal level. It is expected that a relatively small sample of households in a sample of IDP settlements will be enough to obtain fairly accurate estimates of the demographic and socio-economic composition of IDPs living in IDP settlements. The results should be representative at the regional level.

Porteur du projet : UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund)

Financement : Nations Unies

Contribution : 332,770.00

United Nations Development Group

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