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Building Resilience in Urban and Rural Households and Communities in Gabiley District, Somaliland


Titre : Building Resilience in Urban and Rural Households and Communities in Gabiley District, Somaliland

Pays /Région : Somalie

Code projet : CHF-DMA-0489-519 -

Durée : 11-Oct-2013 // 21-Oct-2014

Woqooyi Galbeed Region accommodates the largest population of any region in Somaliland. Gabiley district is mainly populated by agro-pastoralists. According to FEWSNET May 2013 and FSNAU, the food security situation of Woqooyi Galbeed agropastoral zone is categorised as in distress phase. Both the urban and rural populations in the district are currently classified as Stressed (Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC)Phase 2),where the poor have minimal adequate food consumption and cannot afford essential non-food expenditure. According to a market assessment conducted by ADRA (Sep 12), current low crop yields contribute to food insecurity in households as the farming community opts for negative coping mechanisms, resulting in a food deficit cycle that traps farmers in a short-term survival mode rather than making longer-term investment decisions that can benefit their farms and increase production, income and ultimately, resilience. Poor infrastructure, limited use of available technology and lack of micro-enterprise to exploit rural and urban business potentials contributes to low productivity and income levels in Gabiley. Support to entrepreneurs with financial, management skills and initiation of revolving loan programs to encourage value addition activities for livestock and agriculture products is required. Investment in Households and community resilience are essential in Gabiley to address livelihood vulnerability and promote sustainable livelihood

DRC is a member of the Somalia Resilience consortium (SOMReP). DRC has 17 operational field offices implementing emergency, recovery and development programmes. DRC has a robust FS/livelihood team that includes international livelihoods, agriculture and Food security experts as well as agriculture & livelihoods national teams based in Hargeisa (DRC) and has access to Gabiley. The SomRep technical team includes international M&E, Pastoral, AgroPastoralist and Peri-Urban livelihood specialists to provide project support, ensure quality, document and share learning. A participatory needs assessment to include gender analysis will be completed at the beginning of the project while a district baseline survey is planned for July 2013. Monitoring reports from ADRA, MoA and other agencies working in region indicate major gaps in the agriculture and food security sector in Gabiley district that must be targeted to improve resilience. These gaps include lack of organized rural markets, absence of certified seeds stocks, savings and working capital for enterprise start up and expansion, lack of institutions to facilitate this, and the difficulties of rebuilding key household assets after the recent severe floods in April 2013. Gabiley district prioritized a significant increase in agriculture production through inputs, training and improved irrigated water supply in the district consultation report for agro pastoralists.

Porteur du projet : Danish Refugee Council (DRC)

Financement : Nations Unies

Contribution : 1,000,000.00 $

United Nations Development Group

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