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Emergency Food Security and Livelihood Support to Drought affected IDPs and Host communities in Puntland – Somalia


Titre : Emergency Food Security and Livelihood Support to Drought affected IDPs and Host communities in Puntland – Somalia

Pays /Région : Somalie

Code projet : SOM-17/3485/SA1/FSC/INGO/4633

Durée : 10/04/2017 // 10/10/2017

The drought situation in Puntland at large progressively deteriorate at an alarming rate. All regions of Puntland feel the burden of the drought. In Addition Puntland remains one of the worst drought hit places in Somalia for the last two years. The region has experienced below average rains for four consecutive seasons while areas within Puntland recorded more missed rains in succession. This has impacted the lives of both pastoralists and the urban people. The poor performance of Dyer rains (October –December 2016) in particular have further exacerbated the situation and resulted the displacement of many pastoralist families to the major urban cities and the nearby pastoral settlements. The Emergency Food security Support project aims to increase food availability and food access for drought affected communities in Dan Garoyo district of Nugaal region.This will be done through commodity food voucher distribution to the affected households.Voucher distributions are the most appropriate modality in all the targeted areas, because there are functional markets. Low purchasing power of vulnerable local inhabitants dampens market incentives and limits the incentive of traders and wholesalers to expand markets. Through the provision of food vouchers, this project will assist in stimulating these markets. Using vouchers is also preferential as there would be cost saving rather than cash transfers which is costly due to higher transfer costs charged by money vendors. Food vouchers will be provided on a monthly basis to 1100 targeted households in Nugal and Mudug regions of Puntland for a period of 5 months ; unconditional vouchers will be supplied to vulnerable HH (estimated 10%). This assistance will address acute food needs by bolstering the purchasing power of targeted households through the projected lean season. The proposed voucher will provide access to a food basket consisting of national rice/Wheat flour/Pasta, beans/lentils/Tuna fish , and vegetable oil) supplying 80% of daily caloric needs of a family of 5-7 members. Conditionality is subject to completion of a variety of infrastructure and environmental rehabilitation projects aimed to improve local food security, environmental degradation and market access conditions. The monthly voucher value will be based on the FSNAU MEB for Somalia.

WV proposes food commodity voucher- program and livelihood support to meet the immediate food access and nutritional needs of 600 or 4200 direct beneficiaries in Eyl and Jariban districts.Unconditional voucher transfer will target those who lack the capacity to engage in income generating activities and/or communities who might experience protection issues related to accepting/transferring assistance. Vulnerability factors to consider include households with lactating mother, expectant mother, disabled people and labor-poor households. Conditional voucher transfer will target those who are able to engage in manual labor work but have damaged / limited access to employment or other source of income due to drought and insecurity. The selection criteria will include the following vulnerable factors : most food insecure and vulnerable HHS whose livelihood assets have been depleted by the drought and conflict, HHs with malnourished children under 5, HHs with pregnant and lactating women, female-headed HHs and, HHs supporting orphans or the elderly. Agricultural input will be provided to some additional 200 poor farming households who have been engaging in agricultural activities but have their livelihood assets undermined / destroyed by the drought, conflict and/or displacement. Target beneficiaries will also include pastoralists and agro-pastoralist HHs who are considered the “most vulnerable” by their community, and meet one or more specific vulnerability criteria as mentioned above.

Porteur du projet : World Vision Somalia

Financement : Nations Unies

Contribution : 515,536.42 $

United Nations Development Group

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