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WASH emergency response for drought affected populations in Hudun, Qardho, and Eyl districts in Somalia


Titre : WASH emergency response for drought affected populations in Hudun, Qardho, and Eyl districts in Somalia

Pays /Région : Somalie

Code projet : SOM-17/3485/SA1/WASH/INGO/4677

Durée : 23/03/2017 // 23/09/2017

The current Pre-famine conditions have have gravely impacted livelihoods of communities depleting both water sources as well as affecting food production, leaving communities affected on the brink of starvation. This situation is further compounded by erratic rainfall patterns, following subsequent failed Gu and Deyr rains in 2016 and current drought related displacements. As a result of this, Water prices have increased a barrel costing USD 15 from the previous cost of USD 5.Currently access to water in locations is below 5 litters a day per person as indicated in the interagency assessments conducted in Puntland at the end of 2016 where the needs of men, women, boys and girls have been taken into consideration. Pastoralist’s communities on the other hand are worst hit as they have lost livestock or have been forced to sell them cheaply to be able to meet other basic needs including access to water. The animals lack water and pasture and their body conditions are deteriorating with cases of animal death reported in some areas. Improved access to water supply and improved hygiene and sanitation practices are major components of the overall of the Water Sector programme to reduce child mortality and morbidity in Somalia and hence a key constituent of this project. The project is designed to meet the needs of drought affected populations in the following regions and respective districts Nugaal-Eyl, Bari – Qardho and Sool- Hudun. The project targets to reach 3,000 households in Puntland with access to water and hygiene interventions to ensure reduced mortality and improved livelihood conditions in target areas. Other interventions will be strengthening capacities of water committees in the area to enhance management of water supply systems besides supporting closely water trucking initiatives herein. Hygiene promoters will be trained to support community hygiene awareness initiatives. As an exit strategy the project will rehabilitate 10 shallow wells in Qardho and Eyl as well as support operation and maintenance of boreholes to ensure continued access to water.

Beneficiaries include, IDPS displaced by conflict, Pastoralists whose main economic activity is pastoralism. The project targets most vulnerable persons and families in humanitarian emergency and crisis as per IPC classification, and has specific focus on children and women. These are families whose livelihood strategies have collapsed or are severely weakened, accumulated huge debts and lack social support that can help them access WASH services. The project will further target drought affected areas experiencing population displacement, those with dried up water sources and lack alternative means to access water. The project will be implemented directly by NCA staff who will work in close consultation with key decision makers/governance structures in target locations.

Porteur du projet : Norwegian Church Aid

Financement : Nations Unies

Contribution : 298,861.92 $

United Nations Development Group

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