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Emergency WASH Intervention for Drought and Conflict Affected Population in South Central Somalia (Xudur-Bakol)


Titre : Emergency WASH Intervention for Drought and Conflict Affected Population in South Central Somalia (Xudur-Bakol)

Pays /Région : Somalie

Code projet : CHF-DDA-3485-742

Durée : 12 mois Feb 2015

The failed Gu rainy season and the AMISOM offensive against AS in 2014 led to a further deterioration of the already critical humanitarian situation in Bakool Region in general but in Xudur specifically. The conflict related economic blockade of major supply routes leaves the local market basically empty and prices for the few available items have almost doubled, as everything is brought in small amounts and often under the risk of life. Only few food trucks (ACF, WFP) have reached Xudur after weeks of seeking their way through the siege and humanitarian supplies have almost exclusively be airlifted. A renewed nutritional crisis with high levels of acute malnutrition (>30% GAM) is the result. Few aid organizations have access to Xudur, the normal livelihoods of the population is completely disrupted and all trade has come to a stand-still. This means that the entire population (6,000 within town and 15,000 of immediate surrounding villages within the circle of the siege) relies to 100% on humanitarian aid. The situation of WASH in the town is particularly dire, with only scarce unprotected water sources and high open defecation rates, resulting in a high prevalence of WASH related diseases. In Sep-14 an AWD outbreak brought more than 140 children to the ACF supported MCH. Latest FSNAU data confirmes this localized crisis for the major part of Bakol Region.

With partly support from CHF ACF started in Jun-14 to rehabilitate 15 shallow wells and chlorinate 80 wells, rehabilitate 12 latrines in the health facilities and to set-up solid waste disposal systems in 5 neighbourhood as well as holding CLTS sessions in some parts of town. The planned distribution of 700 hygiene kits from UNICEF was not yet possible as no transport was found to bring them to Xudur. The IRF/DFID supported the rehabilitation of 1 borehole, 13 shallow wells and 1 rainwater collection pond as well as the construction of 163 family latrines between Jul and Dec-14. ACF also responded to the AWD outbreak in Sep-14 (chlorination of water sources, promotion of prevention measures). 140 children were treated in the local MCH. Strong rains triggered a local flooding on 23 October and ACF tried to support the 300 affected families with the distribution of some shelter and hygiene kits (little was available at the time)

Porteur du projet : ACF (Action Contre la Faim)

Financement : Nations Unies

Contribution : 248,544.29 $

United Nations Development Group

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