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Socio-Economic Empowerment of Rural Women in Kurdistan Region - Iraq


Titre : Socio-Economic Empowerment of Rural Women in Kurdistan Region - Iraq

Pays : Irak

Localisation : Iraq/ Kurdistan Region, Duhok/ Amedi, Erbil/ Binaslawa and Sulaimaniyah/ Rania

Durée : Total Duration (30 months) Start Date (01.Sep.2014)

Improving the status of women and girls is one of the keys of improving socio-economic conditions of a population. Helping rural women and girls understand their rights and become more active participants in their local communities and households will lead to improve governance and human rights in rural areas. This joint project is aimed at improving the knowledge and skills of rural women and girls leading to empower them and expand their opportunities for development.

Project Objectives : 1. Create opportunities for women development to expand their choices and build their capacity. 2. Empower women to play positive role in development of their communities 3. Improve women’s alphabetization, knowledge and skills on women health and rights

* Output 1 : Literacy life skills and income generation skills training provided to 1,800 women and young girls in 30 villages
* Output 2 : Agrarian extension support and 30 agrarian production groups are operational targeting around 450 selected rural women and girls in 30 villages
* Output 3 : Women and young girls of 30 villages exposed to community outreach and mobilisation activities on women rights, RH and GBV issues by a coordinated and supported network of 150 – 200 rural women volunteers
* Output 4 : 30 local women’s associations established to facilitate social participation, acting as centres for information exchange and legal support among rural women

Agences Nations Unies : UNFPA (coordinating Agency), UNESCO, FAO & UNWOMEN

Partenaires Nationaux : Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) Ministry of Agriculture jointly with the Kurdstan High Council of Women’s Affairs & Ministries of Education and Health

Financement : KR-I Vision 2020 Facility Contribution : $ 3,000,000 UN Agency Contribution : UNFPA:370,000 USD FAO : 220,000 USD UNESCO : 220,000 USD UNWOMEN : 140,000 USD

Budget : 3,950,000 USD

United Nations Development Group

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