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Iraq Agricultural Growth and Employment Support (I-AGES) Project


Titre : Iraq Agricultural Growth and Employment Support (I-AGES) Project

Pays /Région : Irak

Code projet : 00075705

Durée : Overall Duration (months) 36 months — 02.07.2010

Contexte _I-AGES was designed as a nationally led priority investment project, with Phase I aimed providing highlevel analytical and diagnostic to provide important evidence to support the formulation of a National Agricultural Policy and National Agricultural Investment Strategy in Phase II. Management, coordination and implementation arrangements are under the Minister’s Office within the MoA, supported by an InterMinisterial Task Force (with other core Ministries including Water Resources, Trade, Industry, Labour and Social Affairs, Planning and Development Cooperation, and Finance) and a Policy and Strategy Support Unit (PSSU) established within the MoA. _ I-AGES addresses two primary Government of Iraq (GoI) national investment priorities : (i) the need for rapid economic diversification and (ii) sustained non-public sector employment generation. Economic diversification is essential to generate non-oil growth, as a means to a sustainable fiscal and employment future. The project, therefore, focuses on evidence-based policy development to remove the binding constraints to growth and employment generation, through the creation of a better enabling environment

Présentation The purpose of the I-AGES project is to create an enabling environment that maximizes agricultural growth/diversification and employment generation in support of poverty reduction and food security. This is to be achieved by removing binding constraints to growth at the policy, institutional and agrarian systems level through the strengthening of public sector investment, and by providing greater space for the private sector in this most important economic area. _ In addition, The I-AGES project pursues the attainment of three core millennium development goals (i) Goal (1) : Eradicate extreme Poverty and Hunger, (ii) Goal (7) : Ensure Environmental Sustainability, and (iii) Goal (8) : Develop a global partnership for development through this project. Goal (1) is delivered through the development of a national agricultural policy aimed at broad-based growth, economic diversification and short and long term employment generation. Goal (7) is pursued through environmental conservation and improved watershed and irrigation management practices. Goal (8) is achieved through linking FAO and UN agency engagements within Iraq (including the PSD and I-PSM projects), to support global-national partnership

Agences Nations Unies : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation (FAO)

Implementing Partners : Ministry of Agriculture • Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation • Ministry of Water Resources • Ministry of Trade, Industry, Labour and Social Affairs • UNESCO

Financement  : MDTF Fund Contribution

Budget : USD 5,000,000

United Nations Development Group

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