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Rehabilitation of the date palm sector in Iraq


Titre : Rehabilitation of the date palm sector in Iraq

Pays /Région : Irak

Localisation : Mid and southern governorates of Iraq

Code projet : ITF A5-19 FOOD/JP/ Rehabilita

Durée : Start date : 10 May 2007 — End date : 10 Nov 2008 — 5th Extension : 28 February 2011

The development goal of this project was to create productive employment and improve food security through increased agricultural production and productivity. The immediate outcomes were : * rehabilitation and modernization of the date production system ; * introduction of Integrated Pest Mangement (IPM= aiming to control the main date palm pests and diseases in respect of local eco-systems ; * Improvement of the date value chain from harvest to market in order to meet the local demand and international requirements. This will result in better access to markets and higher farm income ; and * strengthened capacities and capabilities of support institutions to create a date palm research and training centre (DPRTC) focusing on post harvest activities.

Agences Nations Unies : FAO – UNIDO

Implementing Partners : Ministry of Agriculture , Ministry of Industry

Financement  : FAO : USD 4,886,663 — UNIDO : USD 3,124, 45

Budget : USD 8,011,117

United Nations Development Group

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