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Adaptation to Climate Change to Sustain Jordan’s MDG Achievements


Titre : Adaptation to Climate Change to Sustain Jordan’s MDG Achievements

Pays /Région : Jordanie

Localisation : Jordan ; and the Zarqa River Basin

Code projet : MDGF-1646-E-JOR Adaptation to

Durée : Feb. 6th, 2009 — 6 February 2013

The Joint Programme helped the Jordan government develop a national strategy for sustained access to improved water supply sources in the face of increased water scarcity induced by climate change, and to strengthen adaptive capacity for health protection and food security as a result of climate change. The first outcome involved securing an adequate and sustainable water supply for domestic use, including identifying a minimum water requirement for health. The second outcome targeted food security by the allocating a safe alternative water supply and strengthening adaptive capacity of the agriculture and health sectors. Under outcome 1 the JP completed the implementation of Water Safety Plans (WSPs) as a risk management approach to protect drinking water safety in 5 pilot areas. Additionally, the results of the minimum water requirements for health protection survey will be made public and will provide some evidence needed to update policies related to water requirements. Under Outcome 2, the capacity to adapt to climate change in the area of food security was strengthened through the identification and dissemination of climate resilience techniques (conservation agriculture) and the development of a more resilient and productive wheat variety. A pilot model farm reusing treated wastewater was expected to be completed 2013 and used for training and demonstration purposes. Interventions at different levels enhanced the capacities of local communities, youths, decision makers and professionals to adapt. The National Adaptation Strategy and Plan of Action to Protect Health from climate change was completed. A steering committee was formed to oversee the mainstreaming of climate change adaptation strategies within the Ministry of Health and strategies for 6 health areas were developed : heat waves, nutrition, water and food-borne disease, vector-borne disease, occupational health, air-borne and respiratory disease. The establishment of the International Center for Water and Environmental Research at Al Balqa Applied University guarantees continued research in the area of climate change and on its impact on health and food security under water scarcity conditions.

Agences Nations Unies : UNDP WHO FAO UNESCO

Implementing Partners : Ministry of Water and Irrigation (MWI), Ministry of Health (MOH) , Ministry of Environment (MoEnv), Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), Ministry of International Cooperation and Planning (MOPIC), Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ),and the Water Providers (utilities and companies)

Budget : 4,126,667 USD

United Nations Development Group

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