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Reviving farmers’ livelihoods in South Lebanon


Titre : Reviving farmers’ livelihoods in South Lebanon

Pays /Région : Liban

Code projet : LRF-28 Reviving farmers’ livel

Durée : Mai 2013 18 mois

Project Description Integrated intervention to expand livelihood opportunities for vegetable farmers in South Lebanon through the establishment of a market place reducing transaction costs and access to extension services to improve post-production stages which are at the heart of sectoral vulnerability. This project will benefit 426,000 Lebanese residents, including over 8,000 fruit and vegetable producers, and serve as a pilot model to be replicated in other rural areas in Lebanon.
Development Goal To improve farmers’ livelihoods in South Lebanon through assisting small farmers in overcoming post-production constraints.
Key Immediate Objectives Increased livelihood opportunities and imcome for farmers in Nabatieh Mohafazat To develop a multipurpose agricultural centre as a pilot for other deprived regions of the country
Outputs and Key Activities 1. A wholesale fruit and vegetable farmers’ market in Nabatieh Mahafazat is established Preparation of technical feasibility study for the market site Initiation of procurement process Establishment of market managemetn structure Monitoring and evaluation 2. Access to agricultural extension services is improved Establishment of information centre in the market Establishment of storage and refrigeration facility Thematic and technical trainings for farmers and cooperatives

Agences Nations Unies : UNDP

Budget : 1 300 000 $ (Cash) 263 300 $ (in kind)

United Nations Development Group

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