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Hydro Agricultural Development for Marjeyoun Area - Lebanon


Titre : Hydro Agricultural Development for Marjeyoun Area - Lebanon

Pays /Région : Liban

Localisation : Marjeyoun Northern Perimeter namely : Jdaydit Marjeyoun, Dibbine, Blat, Burghoz, and Ibl Essaki

Code projet : LRF-23

Durée : 30 months Start Date (01.09.2009) Original End Date (30.10.2011) Current End date (28.02.2013)

The project aims at assisting local communities in Marjeyoun area to benefit from a main canal supplying water to South Lebanon from West Bekaa. The project will show the advantages and efficiency of modern irrigation techniques, will propose the new cropping patterns in the region, and will support the establishment of a very much needed Water Users Association. The project will have a direct impact on the livelihood of at least 1,250 households within 5 communities affected by the July 2006 conflict through extending the areas suitable for agriculture, and will provide direct assistance to the farmers in the area. The project will produce topo-cadastral maps which are the bases for designing the irrigation distribution networks, will establish a land classification database as a prerequisite for the development of the hydrant implementation plans, and will execute land reclamation for an area of 522 ha setting up the infrastructure for the water distribution network.
The project’s national partner is the Litani River Authority (LRA), an autonomous public establishment which is under the tutelage of the Ministry of Energy and Water. The LRA’s covers a larger scope than just the Litani River ; it includes the execution of works for irrigation, studies and construction of dams and hydroelectric power plants as well as the management of both surface and ground water resources. Amongst its responsibilities is the implementation of irrigation schemes in Bekaa and South Lebanon (law 221 -Water Authorities Law). _ The project is being implemented in close technical coordination with the Association of the Friends of Ibrahim Abdel Al (AFIAL), a Lebanese NGO that works on awareness and advocacy on water issues for both decision makers and the general public. It has successfully implemented several water projects and continues to raise funds and lobby for the promotion of integrated water resource management at the national level. Its role is to create the Water Users Associations for villages targeted under the project and draft the WUA law along with undertaking the necessary efforts to pass it in the parliament. _ The project is in line with the Millennium Development Goals, namely Goal 7 – Ensure Environmental Sustainability. It works towards the target of proportioning total water resources used in each country. It further meets national priorities on water resource management of the Ministry of Energy and Water and is in line with the water reform programme set by the Lebanese Government.

Agences Nations Unies : UNDP

Implementing Partners : • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) • Litani River Authority (LRA) • Association of the Friends of Ibrahim Abdel Al (AFIAL)

Budget : 2,000,000 US$

United Nations Development Group

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