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Flood Risks Prevention and Management in Baalbeck - Lebanon


Titre : Flood Risks Prevention and Management in Baalbeck - Lebanon

Pays /Région : Liban

Localisation : North Lebanon : Baalback-El Hermel region

Code projet : LRF-17

Durée : 5 years 26/09/2008 — 28/02/2013

The project aims at assisting the Government of Lebanon in its recovery and reform efforts in the conflict-affected and high-poverty region of Baalback-Hermel through better land management practices, namely flood risk reduction and improved access to irrigation water and networks to achieve crop diversification and improve productivity.. This will be achieved through the construction of stone walls, check dams and water collection reservoirs to prevent runoff water from reaching villages and farms and through the restoration of land cover to reduce soil erosion. The objectives related to water management will be achieved through construction of membrane-lined reservoirs to collect unused water from springs, rainfall and snow melts and through installation of water-use efficient irrigation networks and systems that will be used by local farmers to improve their crop diversity and productivity. The project is financed by the Government of Spain through the Lebanon Recovery Fund established on the occasion of the Stockholm Conference, and is in line with the UNDP’s development goal of alleviating poverty in rural drylands of the conflict-affected Baalback Hermel area.

Agences Nations Unies : UNDP

Implementing Partners : • Arab Center for the studies in Arid Zones and Drylands (ACSAD) • German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) • Ministry of Agriculture • Ministry of Energy & Water /Bekaa • Municipalities of Aarsal, Fakeha and Ras Baalback

Budget : $3,800,000.00

United Nations Development Group

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