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Universidad de Buenos Aires (2011)

The neogene reactivation of central pampean region

Folguera Telichevsky, Alicia

Titre : The neogene reactivation of central pampean region

La reactivación neógena de la Pampa Central

Auteur : Folguera Telichevsky, Alicia

Université de soutenance : Universidad de Buenos Aires

Grade : Doctor 2011

This contribution examines the Neogene record of central Argentina with the focus on La Pampa province and offers a preliminary model of evolution in relation to the Andes tectonic. The sediments, characterized by their Andean derived composition (volcaniclastic) and vast extension, are interpreted as distal synorogenic deposits accumulated between 12 Ma and 4 ? Ma. Based on the geometry analysis of the Late Miocene basin, it is inferred that sedimentation took place in an Andean foreland back bulge affected by dynamic subsidence. The central part of La Pampa Province, here defined as a block (La Pampa Central Block) is considered to have been uplifted and tilted to the east with a few meters throw in response to the flat geometry subduction that occurred at this latitude in the Late Miocene. The uplift may have also caused the end of the accommodation space north of 38°S and caused the southward migration of the sediment depocenter during the Pliocene. Andean dynamics and ridge-push forces related to mid ocean ridge are proposed as deformation mechanisms. Mots clés :

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