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Universidade Estadual de Feira de Santana (UEFS) 2015

Caminhos da Galícia : o léxico no semiárido baiano

ARAÚJO, Gracielli Fabres de.

Titre : Caminhos da Galícia : o léxico no semiárido baiano

Auteur : ARAÚJO, Gracielli Fabres de.

Université de soutenance : Universidade Estadual de Feira de Santana (UEFS)

Grade : Mestrado Acadêmico em Estudos Linguísticos 2015

The semi-arid Bahia is a very diverse area, with differences not only in climate but also in culture, enabling studies in various areas of knowledge, as well as study of the lexicon that is the window through which a community can see the world (Cf. ISQUERDO, 2007). From the need to explore this lexical inventory, we will address the following question : does the lexicon found in hinterland communities of Bahia’s semiarid interior show influences of Galician and / or Archaic Portuguese, ie check if there are in the lexicon used in semiarid Bahia Iberian influences, especially if there is maintenance of so-called archaisms. The existence of this kind of lexicon, especially in the speech of older people, is our initial hypothesis. In this sense, we seek to carry out the survey of backcountry lexicon, checking for influences of the Spanish, Galician, and Portuguese languages, based initially in the corpus of the collection "samples of spoken language in the Bahian semi-arid" UEFS / FAPESB. The research methodology is the quali-quantitavie method. The corpus of data used is part of the database of the research project "Portuguese Language in the Semiarid Bahia." In order to recognize and analyze, in full measure the relevance of the lexicon of the semi-arid Bahia, the decision was made to investigate the unknown and to known about the subject as recognized in the growing literature base for this topic. In this sense, the possibility of studying the Iberian influences within the Bahian semi-arid lexicon means understanding more effectively the great cultural wealth within the the area, culminating in new dialogues for future more watchful eyes of the semiarid cultural source, and hence of its lexical richness. The results indicate that there is maintenance of some archaic terms, especially in the most isolated communities.

Mots Clés : Semiárido Léxico Galego Português arcaico Influências ibéricas Semi- arid Lexicon Galician Portuguese language Iberian influences


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