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Universidade de Fortaleza (UNIFOR) 2012

A aplicabilidade dos princípios de economia solidária nos sítios Jurema e Pereiro - Orós-CE

Alves, Marcos Aurelio

Titre : A aplicabilidade dos princípios de economia solidária nos sítios Jurema e Pereiro - Orós-CE

Auteur : Alves, Marcos Aurelio

Université de soutenance : Universidade de Fortaleza (UNIFOR)

Grade : Mestrado Em Administração De Empresas 2012

This research aimed to examine the contribution of the principles of Solidarity Economy for social and economic development of Sítios Jurema and Pereiro in Orós-Ce, geographically located in the center south of Ceará, in a semiarid regio. For elaboration of this essay we sought to answer the following question : how, in a competitive enviroment, farmers of Sítio Jurema and Pereiro, by adopting practices of Solidarity Economy, were able to develop the production of tilapia in cages bringing improvements to the local economy ? To accomplish this goal, was articulated a theoretical framework covering issues with : associations, cooperatives, Fair Trade and Solidarity Economy. The survey was done from a field study, based on a semi-structured interview and with personal observations was organized data collection. The study revealed that by linking community actors, supported the principles of Solidarity Economy with such associations, mutual support, solidarity, respect for the environment, and other self-management, fish farmers has been able to get the local development of the region in which are inserted. We conclude that with the experience supported by solidary values the community came to a self-sustainable development generator of capacity and potential consumption for the families and attending the collective needs. However, there was still much to be done to achieve autonomy capable to resist the profits strategies, undertaken by capitalism, to earn profits with rising prices of key products to the development of the production projects, the unfair competition, bargaining power of buyers and middlemen. Finally, and most importantly, to continue the projects implemented in order to perpetuate itself for the maintenance of future generations, principles and ethical values, as well as the concern of groups more involved for the community than for yourself, are vital determinants, especially in times of crisis.

Mots Clés : Solidarity Economy. Solidarity Networks. Pisciculture. Semi-Arid. Site Jurema. Site Pereiro


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