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Universidade Federal de Sergipe (UFS) 2015

Água fria é no pote do Cariri cearense

Queiroz, Luiz Antonio Pacheco de

Titre : Água fria é no pote do Cariri cearense

Cold water is in the pot of Cariri Ceara

Auteur : Queiroz, Luiz Antonio Pacheco de

Université de soutenance : Universidade Federal de Sergipe (UFS)

Grade : Mestrado 2015

The study presented herein involves the analyze of the meanings of the use and manufacture of ceramic pots to store and cool water in Cariri Ceara within an etnoarqueológica perspective. The intention is to discuss issues related to the problem contrast between the know-how and the pressure of the regional consumer market, which influenced the practice of application those slots containers in recent thirty-five years. This discussion allows reflection on cultural transformations in the context of agro-pastoral society semiarid where observes the decrease of the use and production of ceramic containers, which provides investigate changes in habits among rural people. Through participant observation and interviews senses were seized inherent in the production of pots, allowing discuss some situations around the technology involved and practices designed to containers. The test is performed through assumptions of contextual archeology added to analytical mechanisms from the agency theory and the biography of objects to interpret the meanings of practices related to those containers. This choice implies incorporate strategies from various disciplines through tangible and intangible sources to analyze and build arising interpretations of speeches of the people themselves studied and represented the theme focused. As a result, there is the idea of the principle that the application of grooves on the outer surface of the ceramic pots is made for daily use in cooling the temperature of the stored water, assessment which takes into account the credibility of brushing in producing ceramic cores and daily negotiations between consumers and traders.

Mots Clés : Arqueologia Etnoarqueologia Cerâmica (Tecnologia) Agência Tecnologia cerâmica Ethnoarchaeology Agency Ceramic technology


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