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Tarim University (2017)

Study on Selection and Cultivation Techniques of New Peanut Varieties in Arid Area of South Xinjiang


Titre : Study on Selection and Cultivation Techniques of New Peanut Varieties in Arid Area of South Xinjiang

Auteur : 赵盼盼;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2017

Université : Tarim University

Peanut is a kind of food,oil and economic crop,occupies an important position in the national economy,China is the world’s largest peanut production,consumption and export country,and the peanut flavacol exceed the standard has become an important issue of food safety control of peanut export in China,Xinjiang belongs to the northwest inland flower production area.Is not the only peanut Aspergillus flavus province at present,this unique advantage can expand the domestic market and ensure the peanut,peanut products export quality.Xinjiang,with its unique natural resources and geographical advantage makes the peanut yield is high,quality is good,and peanut in Xinjiang has not formed the scale of planting,the main reason is the lack of suitable varieties and specifications of cultivation techniques.Through field experiment and field demonstration method,3 varieties of high yield and quality of spring sowing and summer 7 varieties were compared,at the same time,summed up a set of peanut cultivation procedures,in order to evaluate the overall level of new varieties,to provide a theoretical basis for variety the examination and promotion,to lay the foundation for promoting the development of peanut industry in Xinjiang.The main results and the theoretical basis of this study are as follows :(1)Comprehensive evaluation of new varieties of spring sowing peanutIn order to Kainong 706,Kainong 69 and Huayu 25 three high quality new spring peanut varieties,through field monitoring and laboratory test for agronomic traits of 3 new varieties of economic traits,quality traits and economic benefit were compared at the same time,the use of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method of peanut varieties for comprehensive evaluation.Test results show that : 706 the agricultural yield is as high as 462.22kg/667m2,the economic benefit is 1 271.10 yuan per mu,the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation results showed that the species right evaluation set and evaluation set the highest weighted(B=0.685 9,B′=0.796 7)And,the best comprehensive performance,the varieties of high oil content,strong growth potential,high yield,moderate growth period,suitable for planting in the local area.The agricultural comprehensive evaluation after 69 Kainong 706,higher protein content of the varieties was 26.2%,with good quality,strong growth potential,yield can reach 373.22 kg,with the yield potential,Production can be promoted as a variety of preparations.Huayu 25 was the worst(B=0.300 0,B′=0.240 0)in this trial is low yield,poor quality,not suitable for local planting.The evaluation results and the actual table varieties in the production line now.(2)The comprehensive evaluation of new varieties of summer sowing peanutThrough the introduction of 6 new varieties of summer sowing peanut varieties and the selection of the four red varieties.The results show that the selection of Yu-30 in all varieties in the highest yield,225.91kg/667m2,and comprehensive evaluation of economic benefit value ranked second,but the varieties mature later in the test in the whole growth period of 113 days,so the cultivation management should pay attention to proper early sowing.Ji Hua 4 best in all tested varieties in the comprehensive economic benefit is 727.30 yuan per mu,the comprehensive evaluation results,the best(B=0.609 7,B′=0.6353),strong growth potential of the species,lodging resistance,The strong drought resistance,although the yield is Yu-30 high,but it can increase yield by reasonable density,is an ideal comprehensive performance of varieties,has good prospects for promotion.The remaining varieties yield is low,and in the production of overall performance is poor,not suitable for local production.(3)Teanut cultivation technologyBased on the combination of plot experiment and field demonstration,a set of high yield and high quality cultivation techniques of peanut was summarized,which laid the foundation for the development of peanut industry in southern Xinjiang

Mots clés : Southern Xinjiang; Peanut; New variety; Selection; Cultivation techniques

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