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Tarim University (2017)

Comprehensive Benefit Evaluation of Ecological Forest Construction on the Edge of the Taklamakan Desert


Titre : Comprehensive Benefit Evaluation of Ecological Forest Construction on the Edge of the Taklamakan Desert

Auteur : 翟浩明

Grade : Master’s Theses 2017

Université : Tarim University

Ecological forest for maintaining and improving ecological environment,keep the ecological balance,protecting biodiversity,promote the ecological environment,economic and social harmonious development is of great significance.The 21 st century,the construction of ecological civilization and green development become a coordinated development of economy and society,the important content of the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics,the relationship between the people’s well-being,concerns national future and is a matter of \ "two\" one hundred goals and the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation the Chinese dream.In this paper,on the edge of the taklamakan desert southwest markit county as an example,in reference to domestic and foreign relevant research experience and methods on the basis of,according to the combination of theoretical research and empirical research,the principle of quantitative research is given priority to,based on the theory of ecological economics,according to the particularity of the taklamakan desert region,the ecological environment protection and economic development,social development indicators,the use value measurement,the tower markit county of ecological forestry construction of ecological benefit,social benefit and economic benefit analysis evaluation,through questionnaires,field survey to collect data,establish a fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model,the edge of the taklamakan desert region to the stakeholders crowd markit county of ecological forestry construction of ecological benefits,social benefits and economic benefits of satisfaction analysis evaluation.At the same time,combining with the practical exploration in the construction of ecological civilization,low carbon economy under the background of desert edge area of ecological forestry development path.The results show that:1)As of 2 015 markit county,ecological construction of soil improvement 37675.9hm2,make the forest reduced wind speed of 1.5 m height in 49% 52%,lee side to reduce 52%-52%,sediment discharge by 88%-94.9% and the ecological value of 1.9009 billion yuan,squared,among them,absorb sulfur dioxide carbon sequestration benefits>the oxygen generation benefit > absorb nitrogen efficiency.2)by planting red jujube,walnut,peaches,crown fruit,honeysuckle characteristic economy such as trees,undergrowth development of aquaculture industry,such as 2,015 years to bring the economic benefits of ecological forest construction value of 51.22 billion yuan,promoting the adjustment of industrial structure.3)in the course of the construction of ecological forest wood seedling cultivation,road maintenance,equipment installation,afforestation,management,harvesting,transportation and so on various production and the development of forestry industry provide markit county 6,300 jobs,solve the employment problem5,243 people.Three totaling 70.225 billion yuan,ecological forestry development of ecological benefit,economic benefit and social benefit is obvious.4)on the route choice of ecological construction in arid regions should highlight the ecological benefitand economic benefit,social benefit and win-win,realize the maximization of the benefit to solve the insufficient resource in arid areas,the deterioration of ecological environment,the economy is not developed,the employment difficulties and other issues.At the same time continue to broaden the financing channels,fruit industry development characteristics,strengthen forestry development team,increase the efficiency of the forestry management and promote sound and rapid development of ecological forestry.5)Interest groups for the overall evaluation of the construction of ecological satisfaction was 64.35%,satisfaction was the attitude of stakeholder groups to ecological construction,People think that Ecological benefits > > economic benefit and social benefits.Based on the above research results,fully display the results of drought area ecological construction,put forward the path selection of the construction of the ecological forest edge of the desert area,for the markit county ecological Alison development better,more scientific guidance,improve the effectiveness and sustainability,ecological construction at the same time,the edge of the taklamakan desert in other parts of the desert governance and ecological construction to provide the reality basis and reference

Mots clés : Taklamakan Desert; ecological forest; Benefit evaluation; Markit;

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