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Northeast Forestry University (2003)

Make an Improvement on Desertification Prevention and Cure Jurisprudence


Titre : Make an Improvement on Desertification Prevention and Cure Jurisprudence

Auteur : 程楠;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2003

Université : Northeast Forestry University

The thesis starts with Chinese Desertification Prevention and Cure Lav per se and the problems in the relationship of Desertification Prevention and Cure Law, Water and Soil Maintenance Law, Grassland Law, Forest Law, Soil Administration Law and Environment Protection Law, searching out the limitation of Chinese desert prevention and cure jurisprudence. Namely attach importance to partition of droit, make light of liability respond, the setting of administration is not reasonable, resource property right system has not been established, desert prevention layout and soil programming superposes, the investment power is inadequate. At the same time, investigates the root of the problem and bring forward several assumption:1. Constitute logical resources property right system, viz. insist on natural resources in national possession, strengthen reformation of political and economical system to separate the ownership and usufruct of natural resources.2. Import environment administration contract system to desertification prevention system and transfer the idea of attaching importance to partition of droit and make light of protection. 3. Rebuild Chinese environmental resources administration system to construct high standard, high authority, specialization and centralized environmental resources administration department. 4. Amend laws which include desertification prevention content to achieve consolidate and concerted desertification prevention jurisprudence. 5. Constitute desertification prevention capital devotion system to provide bankroll guarantee system.

Mots clés : Desertification Prevention and Cure; Environment Administration contract; Administration Contract;

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