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Université de Liège (2017)

LGES : Lean & Green Energy System. Société active dans le domaine de l’énergie au Maroc.

Laabidi, Mohammed

Titre : LGES : Lean & Green Energy System. Société active dans le domaine de l’énergie au Maroc.

Auteur : Laabidi, Mohammed

Université de soutenance : Université de Liège

Grade : Master en sciences de gestion 2017

The market study carried out in the Moroccan energy sector with the intent of creating a start-up in this same sector, shows that reality does not really correspond to the strategic objectives planned by the competent Moroccan authorities. In spite of the efforts made so far, there are still shortcomings for which solutions must be found : * A significant number of strategical measures relating to energy efficiency are still not implemented and they face difficulties to be put into place ; * Access to the power transmission network for (private) solar-based electricity producers is still embryonic, despite the latest energy reforms for the liberalization of the electricity market. The latter is only partially open, and only a few multinationals are taking advantage of this liberalization ; * There is no institution responsible for monitoring the application of rules already in place, monitoring energy consumption at a national level (as opposed to European countries such as Belgium), or the agreements of Actors active in the field of renewable energies and energy efficiency.
The SWOT analysis carried out on the LGES start-up, in the context of this market study has made it possible to identify the main factors that may influence its development. Indeed, the level of competence and the know-how of its staff, as well as the material means that will be put into place, will all be the strength of LGES. On the other hand, even if the company uses all these means to take financial advantage of the Moroccan market, this will not be sufficient to exploit the opportunities that it can offer to a maximum extent. Indeed, the company will have to sacrifice a lot of time and energy in order to remain in contact with all the economic actors, with the purpose of making themselves known on the Moroccan market. It must also rely on trustworthy partners to compensate for its limited financial resources that will prevent it from carrying out major projects. All this without having the guarantee of thwarting the threat of the unfair competition that are poor quality solar panels and unskilled installers. This problem can only be solved by conducting awareness campaigns with potential clients. As for the customer’s negotiating strength, it will be thwarted on one hand by its pricing policy and the Quick-Scan service it can offer free of charge to customers, and on the other hand, by the agreements that it can reach and which will allow it to build a brand image as well as to strengthen its notoriety with customers.

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