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Chang’an University (2014)

Study on Stability Control of Asphalt Pavement with Longitudinal Sections in Desert Region


Titre : Study on Stability Control of Asphalt Pavement with Longitudinal Sections in Desert Region

Auteur : 石福周;

Grade : Doctoral Dissertation 2014

Université : Chang’an University

Desert has dry climate, great evaporation and large temperature changes. Summer is hot,the maximum surface temperature at about70℃, asphalt softened in the vehicle load prone torutting ; winter is cold, the lowest surface temperature can reach-30℃or less, asphalt pavementembrittlement, cracking greatly reduced, easy cause pavement cracking. Part of the desert in themountains of Gansu, road presence grew longitudinal sections, due to the special temperature,load stress working conditions, ruts and cracks in the road more severe disease. For desert regiongrew longitudinal asphalt pavement temperature, stress working condition reasonable pavementdesign method is to solve the desert grew longitudinal asphalt pavement fundamental way. In thispaper, grew up in the desert regions of Gansu asphalt pavement works longitudinal study based onlongitudinal grow key technology of asphalt pavement.According to meteorological data Gansu and asphalt pavement temperature field numericalsimulation model analysis results, the temperature trends in desert areas and hot weather,temperature weather, asphalt pavement characteristics under low temperature weather conditionswere forecast for the analysis of temperature stress laid asphalt pavement foundation.In Gansu desert highway pavement structure is based on the analysis of shear stressdistribution characteristics and the distribution characteristics of the road pavement permanentdeformation under load temperature coupling effect, provide the basis for the proposed desertregion grew longitudinal asphalt quality control indicators.Longitudinal sections for grown rut causes disease, the use of performance tests on shearmix asphalt mixture performance factors affecting system analysis to determine the longitudinalgrowing up control of asphalt technical performance indicators, grew up in desert areas proposedvertical slope optimization design method of asphalt mixture, asphalt longitudinal grew designedto provide a reference desert areas.According to the characteristics of low-temperature environment in Gansu desert areas,using the finite element model of temperature stress distribution pavement layer shrinkagecoefficient at different temperatures and for different layers bond grew between the longitudinalanalysis of asphalt pavement layer shear stress working conditions, as the basis for proposed basedrubber asphalt stress absorbing layer cracking effect technical performance indicators and rubberasphalt stress absorbing layer performance were evaluated.

Mots clés : road engineering; desert highway; grew longitudinal; asphalt pavement; stability;

Présentation (CNKI)

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