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Gansu Agricultural University (2008)

Establishment of Comprehensive Evaluative System for Turf and Study of Establishment Technology System for Turf in Arid Hungriness Oasis Regions


Titre : Establishment of Comprehensive Evaluative System for Turf and Study of Establishment Technology System for Turf in Arid Hungriness Oasis Regions

Auteur : 刘金荣;

Grade : Doctoral Dissertation 2008

Université : Gansu Agricultural University

The research created scientific evaluative system of index for turf quality according to Analytical Hierarchy Process and grey system theory, which provided scientific theory evidence and reasonal evaluative methond for comprehensive evaluation of turf. The trial screened suitable cultivars planted in Arid Hungriness Oasis Regions through experiment of introduced breeds and comprehensive evaluation of ecological adaptability. The test confirmed advanceded technology of turf establishment and turf management by the study of key turf establishment technology in diazonium alkali land, arid sand land and so on, which had better guidance and reference for Hexi Corridor Arid Hungriness Oasis regions and analogous regions.Ⅰ. Creation of turf comprehensive evaluative systemThrough Satty’s method of 1-9 scales of Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), the weight ratio of matrix were got and it can calculate the maximum characteristic solution, then it can be regarded as the satisfying value of weight. Weighting correlative degree of individual turfgrasses were calculated by using grey correlation degree analytic method, and then turf quality were evaluated scientifically and reasonably. Multi-hierarchy grey comprehensive evaluative system has advantage of higher sensitive degree and simple treamental process which was went on through computer maths operation, the grey system can concisely, direct, numerably reflect out quality grade of turf, moreover, may compare with turf quality. Creation of turf comprehensive evaluative system provided advanced evaluative method of turf which had better maneuverability, practicability, rationality for turf operator.Ⅱ. Study on ecological adaptability of introdued cultivarsThe experiment was conducted in the middle of Arid Hungriness Oasis Region of the Hexi Corridor, USA national turf cultivars test item-NTEP was used to compare with Kentuckbluegrass (Poa pratensis L.),Tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea Schreb.), and perennial reygrass (Lolium perenne L.) total of 21 cultivars for acquring the first hand full and accurate data. According to experiment results we obtained periodicity change data of individual cultivars, including cold toerlance, salt-alkali tolerance, drought tolerance, heat tolerance, turf formng property, dosease resistance, colour, green period, and density. Multi-hierarchy grey comprehensive evaluative system was applied to analysed to make certain turfgrass selection of different purpose use turf in the Hexi Corridor, meanwhile multi-heriarchy grey comprehensive evaluative system was utilized in comprhensive evaluation of turfgrass, the results suggested that the comprehension quaility evaluation order of 21 turfgrasses from high to low were Park, Huntsville, Kerley, Barlexas, Ph.D., K.B.G, Jaguar 3, Wemble, Blue Chip, Shortstop 2, Conni, Nassau, Taya, Compact,Houndog, Merit, Juventus, America, Derby, Platini, Accent. Above these test results gained may found a base to analyse the relationship between turf quality and environment condition,at the same time provide some theoretic reference for seclecting suitable turfgrasses,establishment turf and management in the Hexi region. Ⅲ. Study on establishment technology of turf in Arid Hungriness Oasis Regions⑴In the northwest of China, especially in Arid Hungriness Oasis Regions, due to ascendment of underground water level, irrigation element, there appeared more salinization soil. In landscaping, when we establish small area turf, higher quality infield or exchangeing soil was usually chosen. There was no mature experience to be used for reference in the past. In order to change current situation of soil in the test field, the experiment which based on carefully investigateing cause of formation about soil salinization was carried out to identify salt tolerance of cool-season turfgrass planted in northwest region, screen out cultivars of salt tolerance and refer to alterative experience of relative region. We established 6.7m2 turf in salt-alkali bottomland of Zhangye northeast suburb development zone.

Mots clés : Arid Hungriness Oasis Regions; Comprehensive evaluative system for turf; diazonium alkali land; arid sand land; technology of turf establishment;

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