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Xinjiang University (2005)

Analysis of Yutian Plain Oasis and the Oasis-desert Ecotone Landscape Changes


Titre : Analysis of Yutian Plain Oasis and the Oasis-desert Ecotone Landscape Changes

Auteur : 贺凌云;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2005

Université : Xinjiang University

Landscape ecology is a kind of cross-linked science. It researches on spacious structure, function and relationships among every parts based on landscape. It has a character of integration and territory. In the arid area, we are getting to know the significance of ectone between oasis and desert . The changes between desert and oasis and the number of character is the precondition to control the desert and develop the oasis. The thesis set the region as an example. Using the 4 remote sensing images from 1977 to 2002 and advantages of remote sensing GIS technique, it discusses the landscape changes and relationships in the ectone between desert and oasis from 1977 to 2002. At the same time , it emphasizes on the oasis and change trend and speed of landscape in the ectone. Finally , it puts forward some advices to the local ecology maintain and society and economy development as follows : 1) great changes have taken place in this district landscape pattern among 1977-2002, ecological environmental quality degrade more serious, and degrade mainly in 1977-1989, but turn a little better after 1989. 2) On regarding artificial oasis as the core, the landscape changes the intensity successively : It cover by degrees of meadow high-in cover by degrees of meadow with-the low to last degrees of meadow. Oasis nearly reason view change relatively obvious, far reason change relatively weak, though district this key ecological environmental quality of district obviously degrade, but to change obviously while being whole natural oasis, it fluctuates to be light and change its resume very fast to have. Artificial development of oasis influence oasis nearly reason view obviously just, weaker impact on far reason has. 3) While the oasis is developed, oasis periphery is it is it enclose one layer of structure lack to take to interlock, is it bring shelter function in oasis subside, and oasis artificial to protect system improve and strengthen to interlock. The characteristic of this research is : 1. View the artificial oasis wholly, no longer consider the transformation between the agricultural grasses within the oasis, separate artificial oasis, we can analyze oasis accurate to contribute to-desert interlock the view change that lead. Analyze the core of regarding artificial oasis as in the article at the same time, study the change of its peripheral view pattern, there are practice and actual meaning

Mots clés : landscape; ecology; landscape pattern; artificial oasis; ecotone disturbing;

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