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新疆大学 (2005)

Study on Establishment Population and Ecological Efficiency of Tamarix Spp in Disturbed Area of Both Sides of Road in Junggar Basin


Titre : Study on Establishment Population and Ecological Efficiency of Tamarix Spp in Disturbed Area of Both Sides of Road in Junggar Basin

Auteur : 倪萍;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2005

Université : 新疆大学

Tamarix plants distribute extensively in arid area northwest of our country, Widespread innorth and south of Tian Mountain in Xinjiang and more centralized in Tarim Basin. Tamarix Spp.can bear the aridity of the atmosphere, salinization of soil and covering of quicksand. Thanks toits melioration of the soil salinization and desertification, it has its great significance. Itsecological status in arid district has already received concern of researchers. Since the development of western regions, many large-scale construction projects havedestroyed the local primitive vegetation, and change the local primitive surface configurations.Soil is immature, have the lower fertility after excavating ; ability of protecting water and fertilityis poor. So the recovery of the local primitive vegetation is very difficulty .Currently therecovery problem has already carried on a large amount of research.In recent years, some scholars have noticed that since the construction of the highway andrailway, some locations along the line appear tall and big Tamarix. Forest. This article researchon this phenomenon, explore establishment population mechanism about Tamarix and itsecological efficiency.The research adopts room test and outdoor sampling method together. Indoors , we observemainly the physical properties of different kinds of Tamarix seeds, and design seed to sprout test ,then write down and analyzed the change of the sprouting rate of Tamarix seed under differenttemperature, different soil moistures and different salt solution conditions ,Investigate themicroenvironment alongside highways where Tamarix happens naturally in the field, sample soilof the sand-district and non-sand-district , analyzed physics and chemistry nature of the soil ; theessential environmental condition where Tamarix happens . Investigate the impact on watercontent of local soil 、CE and local vegetation after Tamarix happens. The study area is mainlyof some highways of Northeast in Xinjiang, mainly on highway section from Fukang toCainan .The result shows : 1) Seed of Tamarix spp is extremely small, before long seeds ripe, they sproutimmediately, and the sprouting rate is high. Some Tamarix spp bloom twice in one year. Seedsneed higher temperature to sprout and rate of sprouting is highest in 25℃.Seed sprouting needsrelatively high soil moisture. The moist environment helps to improve the survival rate of theseedling. 2) Field investigation found that special microenvironment is one main factor of Tamarixspp distribution. Only when soil, microenvironment and precipitation situation cooperaterationally, seeds can just sprout. A key decisive factor is the condition of the environmentalmoisture which influences its spout and grows. 3) Seeds of Tamarix spp are small and light .because of wind-force function, they oftenafflict and accumulate the waterline edge. So the distribution of Tamarix spp is usually alongwaterline edge. In arid district we can follow the law and increase waterline length to increaseplant density. 4) The forming of Tamarix forest has improved the soil erosion phenomenon, improvedthe water content of soil and decreased the temperature of ground face . By sample means,adopts important value, species variety , abundant degree to compare the forest zone of Tamarixand no-Tamarix , the result shows that the existence of Tamarix forest help the increasing oflocal species diversify and abundant degree of species. It is very important to the recovery andreconstruction of the local natural ecological environment

Mots clés : Tamarix; establishment population; ecological efficiency; disturbed area; on both sides of road;

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