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Université de l’agriculture de Chine (2005)

Research on Technologies of Locust-disaster Management System


Titre : Research on Technologies of Locust-disaster Management System

Auteur : 徐建祥;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2005

Université : Université de l’agriculture de Chine

At present, there are existing many problems which mostly are low-level science and technology in locust-disaster administer in our country. It’s imperative to improve the technique content of the collection and administer of locust-disaster, especially to set up wholesome administer information system of locust-disaster. This study is continued to former research of locust-disaster administer using GIS. We had gained some fruit as follows.Aiming at the paroxysmal of locust-disaster, in the interest of improving the informational level of locust-disaster administer, this study adopted GPS and SMS to real-time collection, inspection and prevention of emergent disaster. The work consulted the application of GPS and GIS in electric system, logistics administer and intelligent traffic administer.Considering the actuality of intricate data source and large quantity, our study carried out the saving and administer of special electric-map data-base imposing ArcSDE spacial date-base engine. The result could manage the vector date coming from files, DBMS and GPS in related date-base. And then it can greatly enhance the date structure, reduce the date redundancy, increase the date saving efficiency and organically integrate the spacial date and the attribute date of locust-disaster survey.The system was validated in locust-curing works of Tianjin city, Henan, Shandong and Hebei province.

Mots clés : locust-disaster administer; data collection; GPS; SMS; SDE;

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