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An-Najah National University (2003)

Patterns of Agricultural Land Use in Jenin Governorate 1981-2003

Galeb Fathi Mohamad khateeb

Titre : Patterns of Agricultural Land Use in Jenin Governorate 1981-2003

Auteur : Galeb Fathi Mohamad khateeb

Université de soutenance : An-Najah National University

Grade : Master of Arts in Geography 2003

Given its large and fertile plain, which allows competitive agriculture, the abundance of water for agriculture, the relatively large population, Jenin Governorate has witnessed drastic changes in prevalent agricultural patterns. Against this backdrop, this study sought to identify the human, economic and natural factors and conditions which have impacted patterns of agricultural land uses in the governorate. To this end, the researcher used more than one method.Specifically, the researcher used the analytical method, the historical method and the deductive method. He traced the development of agricultural land uses, population increases, stages of agricultural development and the impact of these developments on agricultural activity.For data collection, several tools were used. Some data, on agricultural patterns, were collected from concerned institutions. A questionnaire was also distributed among farmers. The subjects totaled 200, representing 2% of the population. For data analysis, several simple and quantitative statistical methods were used. These included percentages and arithmetic means. Some maps were also used. The study fell into six chapters. Chapter one set out the outline for the study while chapter two tackled the natural factors influencing the pattern of agricultural land use


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