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Northwest Normal University (2006)

The Study on Spatial Variability of Soil Property and Stability of Oasis on Spatial Ecology


Titre : The Study on Spatial Variability of Soil Property and Stability of Oasis on Spatial Ecology

Auteur : 孟宝;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2006

Université : Northwest Normal University

Zhangye City locates in the west of Gansu province, the middle of Heihe river basin. It is typical landscape of oasis in arid area. Zhangye City has abundant agriculture recourse, the mainly croppers include wheat, maize, rice, cole and benne, is the commodity grain base and famous west green-stuff base. Recently years, as the press of economic and population increasing, the conflict becomes significant between water resource and soil resource. Inconsequence exploiting of resources causes the oasis-desert ecotone system become more and more vulnerably, the problem has appeared that threaten the stability of oasis in spatial, such as sandy desertification, soil’s salinization, etc. Three typical oasis-desert ecotones are selected as the examination area. Through test of soil samples in laboratory, analyzing the soil water, soil salinity, soil PH value, soil sand content, soil silt content, soil clay content, soil bulk density, soil phosphorus nitrogen and content total nine soil properties.Attain its spatial variability according to the soil property spatial variation characteristic. D soil property space correlation and the correlation distance of Zhangye oasis-desert ecotone are described by using the semi-variance function. Union local detail situation with soil science related knowledge, seek for the inner causes which influence soil property space variability. The paper include six chapters : First chapter introduces the rationale of this research ; Second chapter introduced the research area survey and the way to sampling and experiment ; Third chapter is the paper’s core, utilizing direct-viewing graphics and half semi-variance describes to carry on the preliminary analysis and the summary to the soil property space variation rule ; Fourth chapter is another key part, for the work to get soil property value prediction with spatial interpolation method ; Paper’s most important significance is fifth chapter, tries to test soil characteristic space variability rule to understand the oasis ecology space the stability ; Sixth chapter has made a simple summary to the paper.Through the research in the different sampling scale (100m, 300m and 500m) comes to the aims of the oasis-desert ecotone soil property horizontal variability rule and the vertical variability rule. Obtain the relations between oasis-desert ecotone soil property variability rule and the oasis ecological spatial stability through the analysis. Degenerated soil on oasis-desert ecotone have some characteristics : In the 1km scale the soil environment is drying, in the 500-900m scale the soil partical size distribution develop towards being coarse, in the multi-scale (phosphorus is 230m ; nitrogen is 4000m) on soil nutrients depleted in the desertification process. Paper’s goal is through soil spatial variability research to get further results of land desertification, salinization etc. in oasis-desert ecotone. Make some contribution for protects the oasis ecology stability and sustainable developing

Mots clés : Zhangye City; Oasis desert ecotone; Soil property; Spatial variability; Spatial interpolation; Oasis stability;

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