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Lanzhou University (2006)

Aridness Analysis in Inner Mongolia Autonomous in Summer


Titre : Aridness Analysis in Inner Mongolia Autonomous in Summer

Auteur : 宋桂英;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2006

Université : Lanzhou University

Aridness and trans-desert are two connected worldwide problems. It is also the most frequent or influential calamity on agriculture and animal husbandry in Inner Mongolia. The thesis adopts the Inner Mongolia’s rule meteorological data、 the representative stations soil humidity at a period of 10 days 、meteorological calamity index and the NCEP data (1961 2000). The article has researched in the characters and the causes of the aridness by adopting several climatic methods, then done some simulation、 forecast experiments with model RegCM2.The conclusion : The reason of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous’ aridness is very complex. It has some main characters following.Lacking seriously of the precipitation brings about the Inner Mongolia s aridness. (1) The barren soil being short of water is the other important cause.(2) The unusual atmosphere circulation and the failed moisture transportation are the meteorological reason to the Inner Mongolia’s aridness too. The precipitation of Inner Mongolia comes from the water cycle of "big triangle fan model". The moisture transports to the Chang River area or turns to the loess plateau s edge after passing through the "big triangle fan model". Only some parts of it go forward then reach the Inner Mongolia.(3) The precipitation in west Inner Mongolia is sensible of the moisture flowing out of the east Asia s "big triangle fan model". Going through the "big triangle fan model", the moisture turns a very corner. The probability of the water vapor transporting to the north China is weaker. It affects the aridness or waterlog in Inner Mongolia. The precipitation deviation from the average in west Inner Mongolia is highly minus related to the earlier stage s air humidity、 V wind and QV of the loess plateau, though highly plus related to the temperature of that area.(4) For the east Inner Mongolia, the moisture center from Philippines to south China sea is the highly related area to it s precipitation in summer.(5) With RegCM2, the simulated outcome for one month range is identical with the actual air circulation and meteorological environment. It s forecast air cycle inclines a little to the east. It’s forecast precipitation is less. The RegCM2 is suitable for a month range s simulating and forecast. The water vapor coming from east and south is important to the precipitation of north China

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