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Xinjiang University (2006)

The Study on the Conversion between Oasis and Desert


Titre : The Study on the Conversion between Oasis and Desert

Auteur : 辛江;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2006

Université : Xinjiang University

Oasis,being a kind of specially ecological item in arid and semi-arid area,is a basic area which sustains the lives and developments of the local people. Oasis,developing in desert,but being different in desert,which forms a contradictory with the desert and change with each other under certain conditions. However,the ectone between the oasis and desert is the most drastic and prominent area in the activities as above。It records the most sensitive and intact information on the transition belt. It is significant to further the study on the environmental evolvement and formation mechanism, and this helps to open out its ecological essential,protect and develop the oasis。The remote sensing is a rising and booming subject and the development of the technology of the remote sensing offers the new source of the data and the new way to explore astrospace.. Now ,there are many countries who send their own satellites to observe the earth land. So they give us so many data .The paper use landsat’s image to get the information of underground water and the distribution of man made water system . And with other data ,we want to find the mechanism of conversion between oasis and desert

Mots clés : 3s conversion between oasis and desert; underground water; man-made; water system;

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