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Ohio University (2015)

Flood Mitigation in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Almalki, Abrar A.

Titre : Flood Mitigation in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Auteur : Almalki, Abrar A.

Université de soutenance : Ohio University

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 2015

In November 2009, severe flooding in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia took 100 lives and damaged billions of dollars worth of infrastructure, housing, and property. Environmental factors such as topography and rainfall patterns, and man-made factors such as poor planning, impervious surface, and poor infrastructure maintenance contributed to the flood. After the flood, the municipality started updating old and damaged water systems in Jeddah and building dams and warning systems for future events. Another option for fast-growing Jeddah is green infrastructure. Green infrastructure uses green space to slow and absorb storm water and provides additional environmental and health benefits to society. But green infrastructure is understudied in arid areas like Jeddah. This study uses semi-structured interviews with people in infrastructure-related fields such as researchers and engineers to examine the need for more flood mitigation in Jeddah, and green infrastructure and green roofs as feasible options for this arid region. The study concludes that Jeddah needs more discharge channels, but highlights potential for greening them, and suggests that green roofs on schools and commercial buildings would be a good way to enhance the city’s green infrastructure. It also suggests that collaboration could lead to better flood mitigation solutions.


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