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An-Najah National University (2001)

استراتيجيات التخطيط الإقليمي في محافظة سلفيت

نصرة عبد الرحيم أسعد عزريل

Titre : استراتيجيات التخطيط الإقليمي في محافظة سلفيت

Auteur : نصرة عبد الرحيم أسعد عزريل

Université de soutenance : An-Najah National University

Grade : Master of Urban and Regional Planning Engineering 2001

This thesis is concerned with a comprehensive study of Salfit Region (Governorate) in terms of its geographic and socio-economic characteristics as well as the stages and main features of physical planning, using the available data and information collected from different sources. The major aim of the thesis is to determine the most suitable regional planning strategies in the region, which facilitate the development of its settlements and supporting the role of Safit City as the center of this region. To achieve this aim, the author depended on certain theories and models concerning regional planning and the interrelationships between the city and its region. In addition, the study is based mainly on the descriptive and analytical method through the field and building survey of the settlements in the region. The thesis emphasized the necessity of undertaking the urban development strategy on the short-run to deal with some of the problems and requirements of the Salfit region. Comparatively, it emphasized undertaking the strategy of developing the sector of agricultural manufacturing as well as improving the service sector on the long-run. Moreover, the results of the thesis indicated the significant need to re-structuring the region in terms of the rank-size of both market services and administration. This in turn would ensure the need for developing the city of Salfit as the region center and supporting its role both at the local and regional levels, parallel with the development of the other settlements in region. Finally, the thesis has emphasized the significant and special importance of Salfit region and its urgent need for development due to its sensitive location as being the most region in Palestine which is threatened by the Israeli occupation in terms of land confiscation for building of settlements.


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