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An-Najah National University (2008)

Modeling Nitrate Contamination of the Eocene Aquifer, Palestine

Ahmad Abdelqader Ibrahim Najem

Titre : Modeling Nitrate Contamination of the Eocene Aquifer, Palestine

Auteur : Ahmad Abdelqader Ibrahim Najem

Université de soutenance : An-Najah National University

Grade : Master of Water and Environmental Engineering 2008

The Eocene Aquifer is one important aquifer in the northern West Bank. Recent measurements have indicated an increasing trend in the nitrate contamination in several monitoring wells of this aquifer. The continuing nitrate pollution of the aquifer without implementing protection measures will lead to a poor water quality. This research focuses on developing a nitrate fate and transport model for the Eocene Aquifer using MODFLOW and MT3D. The development of the MT3D model started by identifying the different sources of nitrogen in the aquifer, then both models was compiled to develop the model. The nitrate fate and transport model simulated the spatial distribution of nitrate concentration in the aquifer under the current conditions. The calculations indicated excessive nitrogen based fertilizing rates and thus considerable nitrate leaching into the aquifer. Other responsible sources for the elevated concentrations are attributed to the use of cesspits for wastewater disposal. Features of a groundwater quality monitoring system of the Eocene Aquifer have been developed. Sensitivity analysis indicated a high influence of decay rate and the mass of nitrate leaching on nitrate concentrations.


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