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Tshwane University of Technology (2016)

Domestic safe water management in poor and rural households

Mudau, Lutendo Sylvia

Titre : Domestic safe water management in poor and rural households.

Auteur : Mudau, Lutendo Sylvia.

Université de soutenance : Tshwane University of Technology

Grade : Doctor of Technologiae : Environmental Health 2016

Access to safe and reliable water supply is still a major challenge in most rural households of South Africa. Currently, there is no sustainable way used, in rural households, for managing risks in water management to ensure timeous access to safe water, despite inconsistency of water supply. The prevention of health risks at household level is the main aim of practicing water safety management in water systems available in various parts of South Africa, including Limpopo Province. The quality of water could, however, deteriorate if the collection of water occurred on the street tap and stored in containers at the households for later use. There is a definite gap in the policy on safe water management in a domestic setting from the point of collection to storage and consumption. Ultimately, the users manage water issues on their own in terms of both quantity and quality. Subsequently, the use of environmental health education should be the major issue to improve health literacy among rural communities. It is therefore the intention of this research to demonstrate how best can the water at the point of use be safely managed in poor and rural households settings in the Vhembe district of the Limpopo Province, and the way in which domestic safe water management can be addressed through policy instruments.


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