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Tshwane University of Technology (2014)

Hydrological research and conservation facility at Fountains Valley

Moller, Chironne

Titre : Hydrological research and conservation facility at Fountains Valley

Auteur : Moller, Chironne

Université de soutenance : Tshwane University of Technology

Grade : Magister Technologiae : Architecture : Professional 2014

The origins of the Apies River within Fountains Valley, established the foundation of the city of Pretoria as well as the inspiration for this design. The significance of Fountains resides not only in its natural features but also its historical and cultural layers, forming a complex matrix of time and influence. The proposal explores the potential role that architecture plays in the conservation of Pretoria’s cultural waterscapes, through the process of fabric renewal and public engagement. The study identifies the need for a hydrological research and conservation facility within Fountains Valley, unifying the significance of the site which stems from natural features as well as historical and cultural layers. Fountains Valley currently forms a place with cultural value, leisure and recreation opportunities, and an escape from the busy city. The proposed intervention consists of a cultural waterscape that creates a new relationship between people and nature. The future built landscape will be a platform and catalyst which researches, informs, and preserves Pretoria’s natural spaces and aims to facilitate the integration of a hydro-logical research facility within a cultural recreational park.


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