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Inner Mongolia Normal University (2007)

Comparison and Options on the Modes of Animal Hurbandy Operations in Inner Mongolia


Titre : Comparison and Options on the Modes of Animal Hurbandy Operations in Inner Mongolia

Auteur : 夏丽程;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2007

Université : Inner Mongolia Normal University

Lies in the south of mongolia plateau in Asia, the arid or half arid Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has a typical continental temperate climate type.the long distance from the sea as well as it’s vulnerable ecosystems makes the region liable to wilderness.Unfortunately,the situation has long been the nature was not used in a scientific way in the region,under the ill influence of the nature and human-being, grassland degeneration and enviromental wosening is the result. Large-scale reclamations without orderliness and overpopulation is the major causes of the degeneration and the wosening.this plus some Wrong decisons by the local governement enacted in the pasturing area since 1980s makes the situation worse. misunderstanding of nomadism economy for a long time,together with the advocation for animal husbandry development in a settled way but not a nomadic way,those forms the basic reasons of the poor situaion as we mentioned before.The ecosystem degeneration of grassland in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region as follows constituates the biggest problem for the development of the animal husbandry.1.continual lessening both for grass resource for herd feeding and available grass resources.2. frequency of the natural calamities together with sharpening of water loss and soil erosion.3. herdsman lead a poor life and many of them are on the brink of bankruptcy for the poor ecosystems.4. the power of collectivity and the relevant economic instituations is not so strong as before.5. the fund that infused the grassland is not enough,lack of resources in reserve.If we leave the situation alone,it will definately runs out of control.the priority is to return the prairie ecosystem to it’s orginal state.for the present operations can not reslove the problem fundamentally.and different operationss can really makes a difference.we take an academic view within the scope of the contemporary eco—economics, based on their traditional nomadic culture, Mongolian has successfully resloved many big problems,(such as the balance between the available grass resources and the herd consumption,grassland protection, realization for ecosystem energy—saving and sustainable use.) take it’s geographical disturbution ,the climate type and vegetation into account,we can tell it’s not good to carry out large—scale Agricultural production and development in Mogolian Plateau.developing animal husbandry in a nomadic way is the best mode of production in the region.this conclusion has been proved by the long history of the Mogolian Plateau.Every existence has it’s cause.the anicent nomadic economy has been lasts for thousands years in Mogolian Plateau,despite the extremely cold atmosphere alternate with frequent drought ones. why ? facing the deteriorating grassland and the desert grassland,The gradual disappearing of the green plants,the degeneration of it’s ecosystems.we need to ask a question :“Do we have to return to nomadism ?”the answer is yes(manifest) !of course it is not a complete copy of the past way,but a continuation of it’s useful parts and a abortion of it’s useless ones. In other words,we will spare no efforts to carry forward scientific noamdic ecosystemic theory,contribute to the sustainable development of our animal husbandry .Through contrast the aim of the dissertation is to chose best mode of production for the sustainable development of animal husbandry for Inner Mogolian.To make it more persuasive,The discussion quotes large quantity of examples and data. the dissertation has three the first part,i list some concepts and points associated with animal husbandry in grassland and give them a brief introduction.the main content of the second parts is an analysis,the main points of it : the present situation of the animal husbandry development in the region,the reason for the situation and it’s result.the analysis paves the way for further discussion.then the third part,it is about the options for the mode of operations of the animal husbandry and the present ecosystem situation in the region.through the contrast of the ways of how to develope the local animal husbandry,we realize that nomadism still is the suitable way for the animal husbandry development in the area.

Mots clés : grassland animal husbandry; Mode of operations in grassland animal husbandry; nomadic animal husbandry; return to nomadism;

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