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Heidelberg Universitat (1999)

The role of NGOs in development policy

Kamps, Ortrud

Titre : The role of NGOs in development policy

Auteur : Kamps, Ortrud

Université de soutenance : Heidelberg, Univ

Grade : PhD thesis 1999

This thesis deals with the role of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in development policy. Their changing role since the beginning of the 90s is analysed on the local, national and international level based on research concerning the fighting of desertification in Kenya (case study). The thesis focuses on the development of participatory structures in the areas of policy, finances and communication as part of an overall model which aims at supporting NGOs and their promoters in developing civil society. At the same time, the thesis analyses weaknesses of NGOs and offers according solutions.

Mots clés : NGO, Non-Governmental-Organization, desertification, Kenya, Africa


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