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Hunan Agricultural University (2007)

A Preliminary Study of Dustfall in Tarim Basin


Titre : A Preliminary Study of Dustfall in Tarim Basin

Auteur : 肖羽;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2007

Université : Hunan Agricultural University

It was selected Yuli, Tieganlike,Hotan three observation sites in Tarim Basinfrom east to west,from north to south. Atmospheric natural dustfall were collected insites to weigh, calculated monthly. Therefore,it was analyzed that space-timedistribution rule,the relationship among the quantity of dustfall and meteorologicalelements,aeolian erosion.By analyse and mensuration,the rule shows:1. The distribution of the dustfall in Tarim Basin was asymmetrically in a year. Itwas mainly concentrated on springtime and summertime. The quantity of dustfallaccount for 80 persent of quantity total in a year. and the maximum was presented toJuly, Augest ; the minimum was presented to January, December.2. The distribution of the dustfall in Tarim Basin was asymmetrically in differentheight. The quantity of the dustfaU was mostly concentrated on 70cm-height and180cm-height. And it wasdecreased gradually with the altitudinal hoist. But there wasexception by air overfall factors, for example Tieganlike.3. The quantity of dustfall in southern basin was obviously higher than that innorth part.The regional distribution of the dustfall in Tarim Basin took on an increase-d trend by degrees via theway from east to west, from north to south.4. The rule of dustfalI distribution keep in step with dust-days.It was clearlyrepresentation in southern basin of Hotan.5. Pole-height in Tieganlike,Hotan took an descend trend,which showed thatthese place might be dust fall place. Thereinto,speed of dust fall was tiptop inTieganlike.6. Particle size distribution of dustfall mostly focus on 0.01-0.05mm.The curvehave unimodality. The amount of small particles was added by dustfall,the particlecomposition and the porosity got better. It’s propitious to development of soil.7. The content of dustfall nutrient were higher than soil nutrient. And it wasadded dustfall. The nutrient were increased with height increasing of dustfall,and had connection of particle size of dustfall. The distribution of the dustfall nutrient took onan decreased trend by degrees via the way from east to west,from north to south.8. The main mineral were quartz,mica,albite,calcite,chlorite.The difference waslittle between dustfall and local soil. The dustfall should from local soil or nearby soilin Tarim Basin

Mots clés : Tarim Basin; dustfall; space-time variation; meteorological; Aeolian erosion;

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