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American University in Cairo (2016)

Climate change and food security in Egypt

Yassin, Laila

Titre : Climate change and food security in Egypt

Auteur : Yassin, Laila

Université de soutenance : American University in Cairo

Grade : Master of Public Policy 2016

This study focuses on the climate change impact on food security with a focus on the agricultural sector and the food production system in Egypt. And, it examines how consistently can policies manage to reduce climate change effects on Egypt’s food security through qualitative research conducted through in depth interviews with ex-perts in the field. Egypt is one of the most vulnerable regions in the world to climate change risks. The agricultural sector is one of the affected sectors ; this sector is very critical for Egypt’s national and food security since it shapes 17% of its GDP, 40% of its labor force, and 60% of its food production. Therefore, this study examines the current agricultural system and its vulnerabilities to climate change. Moreover, it dis-cusses how policies can manage to adapt to reduce climate change effects on Egypt’s food security and how can environmental and social concerns be integrated into envi-ronmental policies, to ensure sustainability. The study found that the current policies are not effective because of the absence of a relevant legal framework, lack of coop-eration among stakeholders, and the low awareness levels. Therefore, it is recom-mended to develop a comprehensive legal framework, which would support the gov-ernment to increase the cooperation among diverse stakeholders. In addition, it is suggested that the Egyptian government builds its cooperation with non-governmental organizations to raise awareness to the effect of climate change on re-sources and train stakeholders on how to use new technologies.

Mots clés : Food security , Climate change , Agriculture , Adaptation policies


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