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Inner Mongolia Normal University (2007)

Philosophy Reflection of Grassland Ecosystem Restructure in Inner Mongolia


Titre : Philosophy Reflection of Grassland Ecosystem Restructure in Inner Mongolia

Auteur : 包满喜;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2007

Université : Inner Mongolia Normal University

Global ecological crisis is undoubtedly one of the hot problems that human society is much concerned about nowadays. Ecological crisis, to put it briefly, is that human’s unreasonable practices go beyond ecosystems’ability to recover from previous conditions, supernormal utilization of resources go beyond resources’self-recycling routes and non-standard contamination discharges go beyond environment’s self-purifying ability, causing to ecological disorder, environmental ordered functions decrease, unsustainable environmental utilizations and having the influence on and even threatening human’s existence and sustainable development. Seeing from reality and history of human being development, any nation’existence and development depend on certain geographic and social economic conditions. Nomadic economy is reasonable selection adapted to ecological environment’s evolutional rules in nomad’s long-range production and life and on the basis of geographic conditions, seasonal changes, and grassland’s bearing capacity, etc.Ecological environment is human being’s existence and development’s foundation and precondition. Only the local people living can be working in peace and contentment, without a nicer ecological environment the other things are out of the questions. Because ecological environment’s contamination and breakage directly influence the human’s health and existence, it is undoubtedly the most fundamental questions for security reason of ecological environment. Though grassland ecosystem in Inner Mongolia bears rich fruit, e.g. to recovering and restructuring works. Owing to various reasons, desertification and grassland deterioration have been continuing. The problems don’t still get the fundamental settlements, because of this ; we must do thorough researches to grassland’s ecosystem deterioration. We should research both the reasons of history and that of reality, both reasons of cultural traditions and that of ideology, laws and regulations, both man-made reasons and nature itself. We should do analyses to every reason so that we separate the principal and non-principal contradictions. Different sore must have different salve. Grassland ecosystem construction is more comprehensive, systematic, complicated, economic and social project. Natural grassland is important to the terrestrial ecosystem and foundation of livestock farming in grasslands. Nicer grassland ecosystem is both foundation of economy development in pasture regions and natural barrier of ecological security. Grassland ecosystem in Inner Mongolia is greatly strategic questions, implements sustainable development strategy and realizes the key link of harmony between man and nature. Not only is Northern grassland belt important to production of animal husbandry but guarantee of ecological security and sustainable development. Protection to terrestrial ecosystem plays a particularly important role. Therefore, reasonable utilization, complete management, nicer construction to grassland ecosystem is of great significance to generations and sustainable use.The paper conducts the systematic researches of grassland ecosystem restructure and relative factors on the basis of researches of the grassland ecosystem deterioration in Inner Mongolia and reason for desertification, proposes the strategic suggestions of grassland ecosystem restructure in Inner Mongolia, makes people be acquaint with grassland ecosystem’s importance, urgency and difficulty. The concluding sections of the paper conduct the philosophic analyses through case-analysis to experiences and lessons of restructure of sandy areas in Hunshan Dak and Kerqin. Strategy, suggestions and this part of the wills offer the reasons for making decision to governments and executive department.

Mots clés : The grassland of Inner Mongolia; Restructure of ecosystem; Philosophy reflection;

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